What To Expect

When you hire Dr. Dobecka, you can expect convenient, excellent service and individualized care. In order to assure horses have a healthy foundation, she encourages her clients to have their horse(s) examined at least once a year; she will check the health of each animal from head to tail, including a full physical exam and may include dental floating, sheath cleaning, nutritional consulting, and vaccinating. In some circumstances, Dr. Dobecka refers her clients to specialists who have advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery.

In order to facilitate an efficient first appointment, Dr. Dobecka encourages her clients to fill out THESE FORMS and EMAIL HER any medical history information they may have. She explains, “It's best to keep a journal of an animal's health throughout his or her life, including behavioral shifts.  If you have something like this, share it with me! If not, rest assured that anything you can contribute will be important. I can still work with whatever information you have.”

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"I have been in the horse industry professionally for approximately 38 years. I was relatively new to the area when I first met Dr. CD, I had a weanling that had contracted pneumonia and was in pretty bad shape, to say the least. I called Dr. D, she rushed out and her dedication and knowledge saved that colts life. Dr. D has been my barn vet ever since, and not just because she saved the colt, but because she is dedicated, attentive respectful, caring, humble and passionate about her profession. I am extremely grateful for all she does for me and my barn, and you could consider yourself lucky to have her as your vet." Regards, Laura W.

"Dr. D is amazing. We were new to the whole horse thing and had tried other veterinarians. We found her by chance. She can with a plan. She came with a schedule to insure we did seasonally what needed to be done. She looks at ways to consolidate treatments to save us money. She has also been available for that occasional urgent (urgent to us) appointment. We learn from her and her patience is a gift. We never have to worry about what we have missed because she is always on top of what needs to be done. She also does chiro and acupuncture treatments. She is a one shop vet. She is personable and has not only our business, but out trust. Simply, the best. I highly recommend her to all that we meet." Beth S. 

Because happy horses lead to happy people!

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