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After benefiting from being a chiropractic patient herself, an interest sparked in Dr. Dobecka's mind to figure out what this chiropractic stuff was really all about and how it worked so well. After practicing for a year and wanting to be able to offer more effective methods to prevent injuries and lameness in patients, Dr. Dobecka attended Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic to complete their rigorous course. She then completed examinations to become Certified by the Board of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Chiropractic services complement the traditional veterinary services Dr. Dobecka provides very efficiently. Having this tool in her toolbox puts your animal's health closer to where you want it. She provides chiropractic services to equine athletes and your canine companions as well.

What Chiropractic is:

The practice of animal chiropractic is performed manually with specifically directed forces to diagnose and treat vertebral subluxation complexes and their corresponding biomechanical abnormalities. Understanding the anatomy of the animal is crucial. The goal is to create movement in an area of decreased motion and awaken the nerves that have stopped firing. With adjustments, ultimately full range of motion, optimal function, performance, and health/well-being will be restored to the area.

Everyday life, workload, and injury put stress on our animals’ bodies in different ways, and vertebral subluxation complexes form between their joints. Have you seen the way dogs run, play, jump, and even the positions they sleep in sometimes? Or have you thought about the stresses our horses endure in training and competition? It is no wonder that there are shifts in their spine. Many animals will get used to the patterns of their stress and form bad habits in the sense of posture and movement to compensate and avoid any pain. The areas that get used to not moving to avoid any pain generally get “stuck” there and the spine loses its mobility. The areas that are overworked to compensate have increased mechanical strain. What we do as animal chiropractors is locate the joints in the animal’s body and move them within their normal range of motion to remind the nerves that innervate the area of how they were made to move. These nerves will continue that pattern; in turn the joints will again move in full motion and the body will regain ability to use these nerves and muscles correctly.

What Chiropractic is NOT:

Animal Chiropractic services are NOT a replacement for traditional veterinary medicine.

It is not manipulating the horse into unsafe positions. It is not the ability to move a 1200 pound beast. It is not dealing with out of place bones (this would be a dislocation or fracture). And lastly, it is not "cracking backs". Occasionally in animal adjustments noises are heard, but due to the make up of their joints this happens rarely in comparison to human adjustments.

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