Spring is HERE!

A physical exam is one of the most proactive things you can do to protect your horse’s health, comfort, performance and longevity. Spring exam & vaccination time is upon us!

The time is NOW to call and schedule spring exams, and here are 5 reasons why:

ONE: Mosquito season is around the corner! There are numerous mosquito born viruses that your horses need protection against. It is best they are vaccinated BEFORE the mosquitos appear, so that their immune system is “primed and ready”, if you will.

TWO: Show season is upon us! And I know you weekend warriors have your horse trailers hooked up and ready for those fun weekends you and the horses have been working hard to do well at. Traveling, the stress of shows, and being around strange horses is the PERFECT scenario for your horse to catch strains of viruses and not be able to fight them off. Guess what?! We can vaccinate against (most) of these pesky virus strains! You might feel great & ready to win, but if ol’ BUDDY is feeling achy and fighting off cold-like symptoms he certainly won’t be performing his best. And no one has time for that this season, right?

THREE: But it’s cheaper if you just hop over to your local feed store and pick up my vaccines, right?! WRONG. It’s cheaper to hop over to the local feed store and pick up vaccines, rights?!  WRONG. For a couple of reasons:

3(a): Rabies is serious. In TEXAS your horse NEEDS to be vaccinated against this, for the horse’s sake and also for you and your family’s sake. There is good reason why it is STATE LAW for dogs to be vaccinated against Rabies. It is just as important for our horses. Well, veterinarians are the only ones able to do this for you and your horses. So, if you have to pay to have me out for this, let’s get the most bang for your buck and get ol’ MR. ED fully vaccinated.

3(b): EQUINE IMMUNIZATION SUPPORT GUARANTEE. After I vaccinate your horse, I leave you with a guarantee that if ol’ MR. ED contracts a disease we vaccinated against, the vaccine manufacturer will PAY FOR diagnostics and treatment of ol’ MR. ED. How cool is that?! The fact that we have companies in this industry that trust their product and trust that a veterinarian vaccinated your horse properly is pretty cool. No feed store can provide you with that “insurance”. Of course, no vaccine can 100% guarantee protection against a disease; however they certainly decrease the chances that your horse will have ever fight it, and they aid in decreasing the severity of what your horse would have to fight off.

FOUR: Up to $12.50 OFF
Any vaccination series now through June 15th will automatically receive $5.00 off, with a rebate coupon for a $7.50 discount for each horse that receives the FluVac Innovator and West-Nile Innovator vaccine and a tube of Quest or Quest Plus. 

FIVE: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure. And because EVERYONE hates an emergency fee! 

Because happy horses lead to happy people!

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